4 Your nose is making decisions for you and you didn’t know

Your nose is making decisions for you and you didn’t know

We all love the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Or the smell of just made popcorn. Or the smell of a brand new car. Well, let me tell you something: sometimes, when you smell one of those, it is not an accident. Let me introduce you to the part of your body that is getting you closer to branded products while you are thinking of something else: the limbic system.

The three parts of your brain

According to neuroscience, our brains have three sections: the reptilian brain, which is in charge of the basic instincts, like making us hungry when we have to eat; the rational brain, which is our connection to our environment, our sight, and our fast decisions; and the limbic system, which contains our emotions and feelings. And guess which of those three is the main target for branded products to point their actions when they really want to convince you to buy them.

Your nose: a total decision maker

Now that we know about the limbic system, let’s learn the power of smelling good. The same way you use perfume to attract someone you like, the products use nice essences to smell good and attract you. And the same way you feel when you smell that person you like when they’re using perfume is the same way that products are looking to make you feel when you smell them. Get it? Basically, they want to like you.

The smell of success

Do you ever walk down the street, smell some nice coffee and automatically want one? Or a burger? Or bread? That’s the order your nose is making to your brain, saying that you emotionally want that. And whoever owns that coffee shop, or burger place, or whatever, has just succeeded by using a not-so-fancy but useful perfume. Are you aware of your nose now?